Preparing for take off…

When it comes to planning a trip, i think it’s safe to say that our personalities really shine through and are reflected in our planning process. For some, this means planning an itinerary so exquisitely detailed they have practically mapped out every second of every minute of every day of their trip. And for others (eh ehm, me) it means relying on the thrilling idea of spontaneity and adventure, aka unpreparedness and i’ll do it last minute- syndrome. And whilst I like the idea of the free and flexible travel life, some times it’s just not practical, and we can end up stressed, spending more money than necessary, and simply not enjoying ourselves as much as we had hoped. That’s why this time ’round I have attempted to find the perfect balance between a 20 page mapped out guide to life and a single document that states: Europe trip 2018.

Now, because I’ve never been to Europe I have done small amounts of research online, but mostly gained my info from word of mouth from friends and family. I’ve decided to plan some specific events ahead of time like Croatia sail, Greek islands and a tour of Turkey, because leaving them to the last minute usually means missing out all together, because of the high demand. For the rest of my trip I will be doing Bus About- an unlimited stops, hop on hop off bus tour of Europe. My decision for this stems from my not wanting to be stressed about where to go and how to get there, and also (hopefully) will help me meet lots of new friends on the solo portion of my trip.

Apart from planning where to go, I’m also finding the challenge of a 4 month packing list increasingly difficult. I mean, it’s summer but by October the temperature will be dropping, and I feel the cold more than anyone I know! Packing for 4 months in a backpack across seasons is daunting. I’ve written a somewhat comprehensive list of items and I truly believe that my dormant “organised Virgo” only ever comes out when I start to make lists.

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