Salzburg, Austria

What I did in Salzburg. Literally just a word vomit of my time:

Day 1: I arrived around 10:30am on the 8th July and spent a good amount of time sponging the free wifi at a hostel. Trekked to my hostel called Meininger, which was actually a hotel/hostel and wasn’t really for me. I would say the best hostel I’ve stayed at so far in terms of cleanliness and being modern, but the location wasn’t good more me. Was a 20min plus walk to where all the happenings are. At least I got some excercise 😅. After checking in I met up with some guys from the bus and we checked out the love locks bridge then had a look for some food. We found a super market (spar) and the food looked amaaaazing. We kept it in mind for later. We wondered over to the birthplace or residence of Motzart (not entirely sure which one) and we walked straight in without buying a ticket! It wasn’t that great, maybe the audio tour would have taught us a thing or two but that’s not something I would pay for. After feeling pretty chuffed at our free museum visit, we went back to the spar and bought some food and had a mini picnic by the water and watched the boats do 360s. We headed through the old town and it was beautiful. Walked up to the fortress for the views but decided not to actually go in because that would have cost money! Then we spend the rest of the afternoon walking up high around the tracks near the fortress and to the museum of modern art and then came down the elevator (and had to pay 2€ to get out… was so stupid). Then I went back to the hostel for a nap and then went to Yoho hostel to watch the sound of music, they play it every night at 8pm.


Day 2:

Headed out to my sound of music tour (42€, better be good) at 9am with panorama tours. I sat at the front next to a strange American woman. We were on a bus that took us around the city and pointed out various spots of the movie including the Abby, fortress and filming locations. I’d seen it all the day before on my walk anyway. The first actual stop was so beautiful words can’t describe! So thankful for the wonderful weather which I’m sure made all the difference. It was the lake and the palace gardens where the house backed onto. Next stop was the yellow palace which was the residence of the Von Trapp family, used to film confidence and also the pagola for 16 going on 17 was located there too. They actually used two different ones, the yellow wall was one location and the house was another. Would recommend getting your own way to these spots and just wandering around enjoying the views.

Next we went out to the lakes and mountains district. We (not me) sang the songs from the musical which was quite entertaining. We drove past beautiful lakes and mountains but didn’t actually stop except to take one photo. I would have liked to have a car and drive around and explore these places myself. They reminded me of New Zealand very much. And it would be absolutely stunning in winter at Christmas time 😍. We stopped at a small town where the church for the wedding was filmed (interior only). The town was very cute and I had an apple strudel by the water watching a duck dive in and out of the water :). Last stop was back in town at the Mirabell gardens where the majority of ‘do ray me’ was filmed, these gardens were also very beautiful. I headed to the shop to buy some fruit and croissants because that’s what I live off these days and then climbed up to the top of the hill by the shops- I think it’s a monastery or something and there’s lots of different walks you can do- I just went to the top to eat my bread and cheese and fruit and look at the view. I was hoping to find a nice grassy field to sleep but it was far too steep so I just laid on the bench for a bit then went back to my hostel to nap and get ready to leave! Had Maccas for dinner (guilty) and did a face mask !

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