The (Vego) Keto Diaries: 1 Week

Tuesday 22nd Jan

Alright, so if I’m perfectly honest, I gave myself one last weekend of drinking and eating whatever I wanted. Which means that I started on Monday 14th Jan and have currently been keto-ing for 1 week.

A big part of feeling organised and ready to take on the mission was grocery shopping and getting my head around what it is I’ll actually be eating. I have decided to include a fair amount of seafood into my diet to help increase protein and fat consumption, but still no meat of any other kind.

My mornings, basically, look something like this:

Coffee with almond milk. No sugar.

I would have, around midday, more of a brunch.

  • smoked salmon
  • scrambled eggs (I add heavy cream and turmeric)
  • spinach, either fresh or sautéed with butter
  • mushrooms, sautéed with butter
  • half an avocado

I tended to pick either salmon or eggs, depending on my mood, and then 2 out of the other 3 options.

In the afternoon I snacked on a combination of:

  • cheese
  • olives
  • pistachios

And dinner:

  • a tin of tuna in oil, steamed greens
  • marinara mix, cooked with butter and garlic, served with greek salad
  • sashimi, miso soup, and edamame when I went out for dinner (not overly confident on this ones calories)
  • vegetarian turmeric red curry, with cauliflower rice. The curry was basically red curry paste, coconut milk, broccoli and spinach. I poured some heavy cream in for good measure.
  • cheesy cauliflower bake

I also discovered that Pepsi Max helped with my sugar cravings, and I tended to have two pieces of Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate for ‘dessert’.


I’ve only worked out 3 times over the week but plan to increase this. I’ll aim to workout every weekday. I also tested my ketones on Friday, 4 days into the diet, to find I am successfully in ketosis, yay! I also believe i have lost 2kg, although I’m not 100% as I did not pay attention to the time of day when I first weighed myself, and my weight can fluctuate a few kgs each day and depending on the time. I’ll keep monitoring this though.

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